red onion peeling
Red Onion - Layer 4
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"Peeling Away the Layers of An Onion:
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Discover a unique way of observing your daily processes through:
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Sheila Finkelstein, Artist/Photographer/Writer/Coach documented through beautiful photography and words, her experiences when peeling a red onion. In the process, she became aware of, and noted, the parallels with her own approach to life on many levels.

At the conclusion of the story, there are "Self-Reflecting Queries" giving you the opportunity to look directly at your own life in a unique, alternative way.

"These photos were taken with Love! You can capture with your camera the essence of everything as if your camera was your own spirit... Thank you...

When I saw the Onion..[In Picture to Ponder] suddenly I associated it with "an opened heart!" from side to side and in the middle of it: the other onion could be our soul..

While I am enjoying this marvelous photo... I feel that this picture portrays the way I feel, as if this onion was me! Each layer of this onion represents a layer of the soul... When someone knows first sight we are like a simple onion...we are protected by some layers..(a layer on another one.. hides who we are until we began to open our heart the others...and each layer begins to follow one after another.)

I am like a onion in a permanent attitude to give love... the same thing, dear Sheila, you do in every photo you take for us..."
Monny Leffler, Buenos Aires, Argentine

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