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experience Using Photography and Writing to Make a Difference

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Package Includes:

sunrise - brilliant lightReflections Photos and Queries - consists of 30 Reflections Photographs with Individual "Self-Reflecting Queries"- prompts from which you can journal.

Each thumbnail photo links to a larger size photograph, bringing you right into it.

The "SRQ"s offer a new way of understanding and experiencing what is going on in your business and personal life, seeing things in fresh and innovative ways. They provide openings for new perspectives.

character in Wakodahatchee lampEXPAND YOUR VISION WHEN STUCK: Using Your Camera and Writing to Open Yourself Up to New Ways of Seeing Opportunities.

PDF which Includes "7 Tips for Expanding Your Vision"



Reflected little blue heron in Wakodahatchee WetlandsPicture to Ponder - Weekly ezine with between one to three photographs for inspiration and reflection.

For many, the photographs often result in viewers experiencing shifts in their lives. The photos also inspire what I've termed, "Self-Reflecting Queries." (Included in the bonus, you may unsubscribe at any time.)

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Sheila Finkelstein is an artist, published writer, photographer and coach.

Through one-on-one coaching and facilitating group telecourses and live workshops, Sheila works with participants to bring them new insight, artistry and breakthroughs through the discipline and guidance of photography.

She is particularly excited about the openings individuals experience with the simple, routine use of their digital cameras during the time that they spend in her telecourses, Through and From the Lens Point and Shoot Photo Courses, and after.

©2005 - 2010 Sheila Finkelstein - All photos and written content are copyrighted and, unless otherwise noted, the property of Sheila Finkelstein and Photos and writings may be printed out for personal use and inspiration only. All other rights are reserved.

Modification, further reproduction, or distribution of any of the content is prohibited without express written permission. For other uses contact Sheila.