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PICTURE TO PONDER Subscriber Responses
One QUESTION QUERY – 4-13-10
One thing I applied out of my experience with Picture to Ponder":

1 - Looking at things from different angles when I am taking pictures. Just the other day I saw an eye in the trunk of a tree and thought of you! Thank you!

2 - To see things in a "new" way.


3 - Your photos are always a chance to stop and find a moment of peace in my busy life.   

For a second, I have learned to take a moment and look for some new perspective in what I see.

And have to add the third from my husband who has learned when he is tense to take his camera into the woods and open up his view of the world.  You make a real difference in our lives.


4 - Seeing beauty in all things, and learning to look for hidden treasures 

- Your creative compositions of colourful objects have contributed to my creative painting


6 - Overall, your messages have caused me to take another look, to slow down and see the depth and breadth of what I am looking at.  


Whether this is a person, or a scene, or a flower. I've learned to appreciate everything in life as a gift, and find the beauty in it.

I began getting your messages during the end stage of caregiving (seven yrs) for my mother in law, who passed away seven months ago. They have continued to inspire me to look for the beauty. (Thank you Sheila!)  

- Choose from these two:-- using a sheila photo from nature for painting practice-- using sheila's insightful writing prompts for my journaling self-discovery or for discussion with a friend

8 - NEW subscriber -
I hope to get creative inspiration - to broaden my perspective in seeing the universe and its beauty each day. 

9 - different perspectives on photography

10 - I have used Picture to Ponder to encourage my son in his desire to take beautiful pictures and tell a story through them.  You truly have enriched Chris' life and opened a door into yet another skill - taking great pictures.Thank you, Sheila!

Debra S. Welch,


11- Your photography is beautiful.  Your way of looking at things brings newness to everything. You are remarkable. 


12 - When I receive this it makes me pause and appreciate beauty in the midst of my work day.  To take a deep breath and really look at the photos is a lovely respite.  Thank you.

13 - To look more closely at the beauty in all things; you opened my eyes. Thank you, Namaste


14 - I just take a moment to glory in the photo and take a time out; a breather.  Wonderful in an otherwise often stressful life! 


15 - I have learned to look at things in a different way


16 -"Inspiration" from the Picture to Ponder emails. Thank you Sheila! Angie Baker, 


17 - I am a new subscriber and therefore the thing I would say is that your work gives me a reason to sit still and ponder, to enjoy a few minutes of peace and relax my mind for the time it takes to consider what you have sent. It's a treat in my week and I thank you. 


18 - There isn't just one thing, but I have learned to look at the world in a different way - especially seeing "tikis' or faces in the natural world. I also very much appreciate the thinking/feeling prompts.


19 - I just enjoy the pictures. They make me look at things differently and it is amazing what all you can see. Flowers are gorgeous but some of the other things really get you to think.   


20 - I have been inspired to take more photos through your beautiful photos. 


21 - It's difficult for me to choose only ONE thing I have learned or appreciated from Picture To Ponder!!. If I must choose just one, it would be to see beauty in anything & everywhere even if the object is not perfect !!. Thanks much!  


22 - one thing i applied: is that what appears  in a picture doesn't always tell the whole story.  We each see different things in the same picture depending on where we are in our own life journey.  We need to view everything from all angles

23 - Nothing I can think of from the content.  What I've greatly admired, if not emulated, is how you've stuck with and grown & developed your business patiently & consistently over all this time. 


24 - It is quite amazing that the self-reflecting queries are always right on to what I am dealing with at the moment and either they confirm something or add more insight.   I receive them at work and it gives me a chance to pause and reflect on the beauty of the picture.   


I ordered your banana DVD and loaned it to someone that was going through a rough time and that DVD is just so relaxing the music and the pictures together just instantly slow you down.  Thanks so much for your passion and hard work.   

25 - Looking at things.  Seeing them from different angles. Seeing things "outside the box". Seeing the beauty of "overlooked" life, ie, wood, moss, bark, a feather, etc.   In a word:  SEEING.  Thanks. 

- One thing I applied: Gratitude. PTP came to me through the GO Gratitude experiment and each time I receive one it reminds me to seek the gratitude I feel when you share another issue. 

- I just like having the connection with you.  The reflective photos are always interesting in their strangeness, but also are the photos that appear to be one thing, and upon closer examination turn out to be something totally different.  I hope that helps you.

28 - I applied the deepness and power of observation, the wonder of seeing  quotidian things in a luminous way and the love included in the day to day work. Saludos desde Argentina!- Andrea Turchi,

29 - Your internal inquiry that makes the viewing more dimensional. You help us look at our motivation for liking or disliking, being moved or not by photographs.  You help us get in touch with our internal processes and inner world. Your photograph of your husband holding your infant child was most moving.

30 - Self-Reflecting Queries - I find your inner reflection prompts me to also look inside my heart and reflect in a positive and hopefully, productive manner. The pictures are an inspiration all by themselves, but the thoughts are wonderful  

I simply enjoy your interesting perspective-both visually and verbally.  Pictures are gorgeous and I appreciate your insights into nature

 Each time I receive your Pictures to Ponder, I pause, take some deep breaths and appreciate the Nature and in talent.That's always welcome. I lost my husband a while ago, so such a beauty break is especially needed.
33 - constant reminders to think more positively

34 - To see the detail that your pictures show is there and which often is missed if we consciously do not make the effort to STOP and look

- I have always felt that I am an excellent observer.  Your Pictures to Ponder help me to take an even closer look, and then REFLECT more deeply on the significance that photo has for me.  Thank you so much for making me "dig more deeply"!  
36 - Sheila's genius in seeing the beauty and pattern in the world in a unique and different way, and then also bringing in her written reflections about "seeing differently" in all areas of our lives, touches and transforms me every time.  

37 - I am looking at things in a totally new way - seeing beauty where I had not seen it before and images I hadn't seen before.  I'm hoping this will translate into other areas of my life!!  Have also started taking photos - something new for me.

- Since I took your class, I often use the weekly ezine to remind me to access the creative part of myself and get my camera out, carry it with me, use it to transform a mood, see things in a new way, see patterns visually around me as well as in my life.  

I sometimes read what you write and am always impressed with your thoughts and questions. I don't often take the time to do whatever is suggested but I like looking at your photographs and seeing what I like about them. Thanks, Sheila, for all that you put out. 

- inspiration, insight, wisdom, beauty, encouragement, application, usefulness, thoughtfulness, originality 

- Picture to Ponder has kept me inspired to continue to take photographs that link me with Nature and observe with a greater vision that takes me into the heart of beauty.

My Camera has become my Creative and Spiritual Friend.

- The beauty you capture with the lens creates in me the desire to remember how beautiful and abundant my life is in every moment.  "Take time to smell the roses" must have originated with you (or your angel.)

42 - Seeing in totally new ways outside the nine dots

- I love the fact that your pictures challenge me to look at things differently.  They challenge my perceptions, which is all to the good. 

- I have appreciated the beauty of your photos!  Thank you! 

- Love..  My love of nature. I have a deep love of nature and love to share it with everyone. Plants, animals, the sun, the moon, the stars, the Ocean, the prairies. Thank you Sheila  

- I suppose I have learned (or re-learned) to pause and LOOK! In LOOKING, I increase my awareness of LIFE, and my level of appreciation and gratitude increases

- I get out a shoot everyday 

- To look at the big picture of life - by that, I mean that I am trying to accept sometimes seemingly unrelated or trivial things as intrinsic to the pattern of being and existence

- I like looking at your pictures. You always find a unique way of looking at common objects. You have an artist eye. Your roses are beautiful. I plan to do some photography. You are my inspiration!

50 - I am new to your work and your web. But I am really thankful for the beauty that you capture and so freely share. Your spirit shows through your work and your gift of sharing.  

- The one thing that I have valued you the most, is the beauty of nature, you bring photos of nature that I would not be able to see on my own.  It brings me to a closer relationship with God.

- Don't overlook the ordinary; not in your camera lens and not in your life.  

–I have been working on a book/workshop and more than once I have found a quote in your text that I have tucked away and saved - if only for confirmation I am on the right track

54 - The queries you pose with the photos cause me to pause and think about my life. 

55 – The AHA I get each time at the magic & beauty of your pictures - gives me a smile & lift for the day. Thank you for your sharings.  Love & Blessings  

- Now I pay close attention to the visual world.  Often I look at why any given item attracts me and how my reaction relates to my life.  

At times, I see things that remind me of your photos, Sheila.  I would not have noticed some of those things, like the shiny glass building with reflections, or the lion face in the wood. 

- I used your weekly photo to always see a different perspective on things. Things aren't always as they seem! 

- I have used Picture to Ponder to reflect and bring up the emotion the picture produces in me as a tool for motivation and growth in myself.  Pictures can say more than words. 

59 - To look more deeply at a situation and event to try and see the reality therein as well as where I can change my attitude towards the situation. 

- Your latest P to P came on my 60th birthday. I was not excited about this milestone, even tho I've been looking forward to it all year.

Your advice to give gratitude for small things helped me to stop focusing on myself and look beyond my small world.  

61 - Thank you very much for sending wonderful pictures regularly, which i have stored carefully. What i have learned is to pay close attention to details in every thing

- new- looking forward to your weekly ezine. 

- The beautiful photos of flowers and nature in our area. 

- When I see your pictures it really makes me take a deeper look at the beauty that is around me and it helps me be more grateful for everything I have in my life.  Thank you for being so creative with your photos. 

- I look deeper, or lets say with more relaxed eyes and from a view from within

- To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing that I have applied to my life as a result of PtoP.  However, I do find your photography calming and very beautiful to look at. 

- Recognizing "The Gift's" of seeing "more" than meets the proverbial eye...In Gratitude... 

- My knee-jerk reaction to this question was going to be "that I am able to look at the photos and see things from a different perspective" and that is still true. 

I no longer invest my focus on a "wish list" of consumer items on my list of goals as I did in the past.  I now ask for the means to have time and methods to live out my days enjoying the natural beauty surrounding me on this planet.   

As many of the pictures that we ponder in this space are of the natural beauty of this earth, I know I am not alone in my heart's delight in this matter.   What have I applied?  Example:  I did not throw away a tomato with an odd mold pattern growing on it right away (a dark claw), because it was a shape that I saw in a dream months earlier.  

I let these natural images speak to me.  I pay attention to these "messages" to a far greater degree than I did in the past, before I studied and pondered your pictures.  I am much more willing to discuss images that I see in nature that reflect images that I see in us as human beings with others. 

- Spiritual Success.... 

- To look at images/landscapes/art, not once, but to revisit them many times over and each time see something new

- I enjoy seeing interesting details I may not have noticed before in everyday things.  I look at reflections more carefully than I used to do, too.  

- I  look for faces and shapes in trees, when I am out walking, and hearts in flowers, shadows in puddles, etc, so my appreciation of beauty and of nature has been strengthened. With gratitude and appreciation 

- Now I photograph flowers very differently. For example, I took daily shots of tulips in a pot over one month. I noticed how they so gracefully died. They did not shed petals. They drooped over each other. They danced gracefully. The shots occurred in front of a door and could be named "passages."

74 - That I realize as I look at my world I now look at the "Spiritual Love" looking back at all of our creation.    Thank You 

- Receiving your email helps me to focus on stopping, appreciating where I am right now

- It's opened me up to seeing things that I hadn't seen before.  I'm so grateful! (and this dozen roses is such an awesome idea, Sheila - brava to you!) 

- Something lacking = what have I changed to make my life better. 

78 - To understand that everything is connected and that my view is one of the many others.  

– I love the practice of taking my camera out for a walk. I'm always delighted and surprised by the inspirations, ideas, and answers that come. Thank you, Sheila!  

80 – I have applied seeing things with new eyes and new perspectives, and also writing about my good experiences in the world and sharing these with others. The response has been very positive. 

81 - Sheila, When I do have time to look at your pictures, I enjoy them - they bring a bit of beauty when it's a dreary day or when I am working away at the computer 

82 - Looking at more details of the subject and at different angles.  As a result I discover new beauty from ordinary things

– Looking at life from a different perspective, being more open than I was

- I subscribed to your ezine because I LOVE flowers and photos of flowers.  Receiving your photos gives me an enormous spiritual pick-me-up!  It is definitely the beauty of your photos that keeps me coming back for more! Thank You and Blessings!
85 - More than once, quite often, actually, something that you have written prompts me to pause, take a "mind-step" back to give space to a "perceived" tricky situation I'm fiddling with.  

Inevitably, I'm given a respite to regroup, realize there's a much bigger picture (ha, no pun intended) surrounding any particular puzzle and almost always the tension shrinks, vanishes, or I have a whole new lighter step about it.  

I really enjoy and look forward to each picture to ponder that arrives in my inbox.  Thank you, Sheila.  And thank you for sharing with us your experiences with your beloved Sam.   

- Knowing there are ALWAYS a VARIETY OF CREATIVE WAYS/ANGLES to look at any project, challenge, issue, experience :) and not just one!!
87 - For me, what you write and photograph reinforces and broadens the lessons I learned at Landmark.   Your newsletter adds so much pleasure to my life, both reading your words and thinking about what you have written and looking at your beautiful and interesting photos.  


I'm sorry I can't cite one thing I've applied to my life - I probably apply things subconsciously from ideas I've read of yours.  Your letter is most certainly inspirational. I would like to have the pictures of your roses to make my e-mails beautiful.

The moment of beauty, and the sense of gratitude for the abundance of God's gifts to us as I open your website each week.  I thank you with a prayer for providing these lovely photos and reflections each week

89 - Before I open each of your emails I think of an issue I might have, then open and try to find an answer. So often I do and get a wonderful message.

- Used to look at and photograph subjects only in direct light, now appreciate  many more things that are indirectly lit. Thank you

91 - I have learned to take more than one look at the flowers I have in my own back yard and to look at them from more than one angle and to take a camera with me every once in a while.

-  I stop to enjoy the beauty of nature through your pictures. It helps remind me to be grateful

- To really look and appreciate the world around us...thank you, Sheila. 

– Very hard to answer shortly.  I always look forward to your emails. Some photos really inspire me, whilst others less so. I guess your photos have made me look at life in different ways.


Some photos I have looked at for the pure joy of looking at them.  Many are so very beautiful. I know I am not alone. We all have challenges to face and your photos and thoughts make me realize there are often many ways of facing these challenges


I think your site brilliant.  It truly enriches my life. Thank you. 

95 - I reduce stress and anxiety by looking at the pictures of tulips or other pictures and pretending I'm in the garden and I feel so much more relaxed and at peace with my life. 

Going into appreciation state almost immediately by observing all the beauty that is around there, feeling the sensations of having so many free things in life.

97 – I  feel inspired with your time spent with Picture to Ponder. It has been an inspiration to me always and has helped me thru some rough times, especially the past year. Thx for your wonderful thoughts and pictures. Sincerely, Flora H. Miller 


98 – I have learned to appreciate more the unique talents and creativity of my cousin Sheila and all that she sees through her lens. I also love the time and care that is put into the self-reflecting questions for the day. They are always helpful to ponder. 

99 – Looking at your photos -- the subtle details and the "hidden" images in them -- and following your ponderings has enriched my life

– I simply enjoy your interesting perspective - both visually and verbally. Pictures are gorgeous and I appreciate your insights into nature

– For me I have always seen faces or images in nature. I got away from that as I am somewhat isolated.  Picture to Ponder has revived that in me and it gets better and better each time. I don’t have to look as long as that natural part of me was asleep. So I am so grateful for that. Smiles, Linda 

– Just know that each time I receive your Pictures to Ponder, I pause, take some deep breaths and appreciate the wonder.... in Nature and in talent. That's always welcome.


I lost my husband a while ago, so such a beauty break is especially needed.


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